Short Bio

Amir is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the design and implementation of data-analytics systems by using techniques from the databases, programming languages, compilers, and machine learning communities. Prior to that, he was a Departmental Lecturer at Oxford. He earned his Ph.D. from EPFL in 2018, for which he was awarded a Google Ph.D. Fellowship in structured data analysis, as well as a Ph.D. thesis distinction award.


If you are interested in a Ph.D. position at the intersection of compilers, databases, and machine learning, please contact me: firstname [dot] lastname [at] ed [another_dot] ac [yet_another_dot] uk

Recent News

  • October 2022. Our work on Deep Loop Fusion accepted to appear at GPCE 2022.
  • August 2022. STOREL for tensor processing on flexible storage accepted to SIGMOD 2023.
  • May 2022. Our work on Hinted Dictionaries accepted to appear at ECOOP 2022.
  • Feb 2022. SDQL accepted to appear at OOPSLA 2022.
  • Jan 2022. I will serve as the PC Chair of Scala 2022. Consider submitting a paper.
  • May 2021. IFAQ demo accepted to VLDB 2021.
  • October 2020. One paper accepted to VLDB 2021.
  • September 2020. One paper accepted to GPCE 2020.
  • August 2020. Started as a Lecturer in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.
  • February 2020. LAGO accepted to TODS 2020.
  • October 2019. IFAQ accepted to CGO 2020.
  • August 2019. Two short papers accepted to GPCE 2019.
  • June 2019. One paper accepted to ICFP 2019.
  • April 2019. One paper accepted to ECOOP 2019.
  • January 2019. Started as a Departmental Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Oxford.


  • Nominated for Best Supervisor of the Year, University of Edinburgh, 2022.
  • Ph.D. Thesis Distinction Award, EPFL, 2018.
  • Service Award, IC EPFL, 2018.
  • Best Paper Award, GPCE 2017.
  • Most Reproducible Paper Award, SIGMOD 2017.
  • Google Ph.D. Fellowship, 2017.
  • Teaching Assistant Award, IC EPFL, 2016.


  • Databases: SIGMOD’23, VLDB’21 (2x), TODS’20, TODS’18, SIGMOD’17, SIGMOD’16, VLDBJ’14.
  • Programming Languages: ECOOP’22, OOPSLA’22, GPCE’22, GPCE’20, CGO’20, GPCE’19 (2x), ICFP’19, ECOOP’19, POPL’18, JFP’18, GPCE’17, GPCE’14.


  • Conference Chairing: Scala’22 (PC Chair), DBPL’21 (Co-Chair).
  • Conference Organization: VLDB’23 (PC), SIGMOD’23 (PC), GPCE’22 (PC), TFP’22 (PC), DBAI’21 (PC), BICOD’21 (PC), ASPLOS’20 (ERC), DBPL’19 (PC).
  • Reviewer: TODS 2021, VLDBJ 2020, TODS 2018.
  • PhD Students’ Representative: IC EPFL, 2017-2018.
  • Member of EPIC PhD Student Association: IC EPFL, 2017.